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HELP Travel Attendance: For people with nursing need and/ or care needWe support you during your journey, so you can remain mobile despite nursing need and/ or care need and fulfil your travel dreams.

Our team consists of qualified members who are specialized in the fields of nursing, elderly care and education.

Our range of services is structured as follows:

  • Start of the journey at your desired location (either at home, at the airport or at the platform)
  • Attendance during vacation by arrangement
  • Basic and treatment care
  • Care
  • Individual travels
  • Group travels up to five persons maximum
  • Europe-wide destinations as required
    (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, England, France, Monaco, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Andorra, Spain, Mallorca, Portugal, Italy)

  • On request, you can get to know your companion before traveling (for a fee)


  • The required services should be discussed in time to enable the intensity of the care.
  • Solely the contract partner of HELP travel attendance is responsible for the costs of the travel attendance.
  • The travel companion is entitled to an own single room and to free board.
  • According to German labour law the travel companion is entitled to adequate rest.

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